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This blog is essentially where I reblog my porn and other kink related stuff that doesn't quite belong on my foot fetish blog. To read that blog and see pictures of me, go over to ctbackyardeliza.tumblr.com
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Hi Mistress are you looking for any kik slavess?

1.) This is my old blog. I don’t post here anymore, and am slowly reblogging these posts to my new blog so I can delete it. My new blog is love-and-BDSM.tumblr.com 2.) I’m a professional dominatrix and am always taking new submissives on as clients. My kik is ctbackyardeliza

Welcome new followers! I actually won’t be posting in this blog anymore, and instead will be blogging here:


Please follow the new blog! :D

It will contain a lot of kinky porn (naturally), photos and details of myself and my submissive, and some neat sex tips/sex education!

Anonymous asked: U got Skype I wanna cam with u. I want u to be my mistress

Yes, my Skype is ctbackyardeliza.

That’s also my name on AIM, kik, and Twitter.

Oh sweet Jesus I need this outfit. Anyone know where it’s from??

Oh sweet Jesus I need this outfit. Anyone know where it’s from??


Two elfs (or is the plural elves?).

….this is my goal ass.


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Introduction to Puppy Play 101 


So here is the intro to puppy play written by Christopher “Tyger”/”Woof” Roth. Click through if you want to learn more about it from one person’s perspective.

My friend’s artwork - wow, I definitely have a thing for demon chicks.

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